Gov't to increase the allocation of resources for the upskilling and training of p-hailing riders – Anwar –

The government will allocate more resources for the upskilling and training of food and parcel delivery (p-hailing) riders, according to prime minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

In a post on his Facebook page, he said the decision to do so was made following a meeting he had with representatives of 24 p-hailing companies to understand the challenges and issues faced in the industry. Five p-hailing riders were also present to express the views of delivery riders.

“The discussions, among others, revolved around the income of riders, social safety net and the need for upskilling and training. I also heard the views and complaints from p-hailing companies operating outside of the Klang Valley that are focused on servicing rural areas,” he said in his post.

Having listened to the views of both sides, Anwar said the government has agreed to increase the allocation for upskilling initiatives and training, and this will be led by the human resources ministry. He added that p-hailing operators had assured him they were committed towards being more transparent in how they determine and calculate the wage structure for p-hailing riders, and would be re-examining and refining the calculation process.

“This additonal research is important, as by improving the wage rate of riders, the interests of consumers, especially those in rural areas, will remain prioritised so that they are not burdened (by delivery issues), while also taking into account the operators’ capabilities,” he said.

“This initiative proves that the government is sensitive and cares for the interests of all parties, be it in increasing people’s income or ensuring business continuity,” he added.

It was not revealed how much would be put into the additional resources. Previously, the PM had announced a RM42 million allocation for the Career Development Programme, aimed at aiding persons working in the informal sector which includes gig economy workers.

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