Government looking at extending the maximum renewal period of a driving licence to 10 years – Loke –

If you’ve been wishing for the ability to renew your driving licence for a longer period than the maximum of five years that is allowed right now, your wish may come true in the near future, because the transport ministry says it is considering extending the maximum renewal to 10 years, as the New Straits Times reports.

According to transport minister Anthony Loke, the ministry is looking to extend the validity period of the driver’s licence beyond the current five-year cap, and that he had requested for the transport ministry to look into allowing motorists to be able to renew their licence for up to 10 years.

He added that a move to allow the public to renew their licence for up to 10 years would also add to the government’s coffers. “There is a need to review the extension to 10 years for the licence validity. When a driving licence is renewed, it generates income for the government through the road transport department (JPJ),” he said in the Dewan Rakyat.

At present, it costs RM30 per year to renew a Class D driving licence, with a minimum renewal duration of one year and a maximum of five years, so a 10-year renewal would mean forking out RM300. While not everyone is likely to opt for such a long validity period, having the choice would allow those wanting it the ability to do so.

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