Goodbye Jaguar XJ, hello Jaguar XJ EV

The first Jaguar XJ went on sale as a 1968 model year.

The Jaguar XJ sedan, the company’s flagship, will cease to exist in its current form 10 years after its launch, according to reports that were subsequently confirmed. It was the oldest car in Jag’s lineup, but it did have a certain charm. The last one we drove — which, admittedly, was awhile ago — was a pure British hot rod with 575 supercharged horses.

The nameplate will continue, per Jaguar, but “the next generation of the Jaguar XJ will be the subject of a future announcement.”

That future announcement, we’re expecting, is that the next XJ will continue as Jaguar’s halo model, but it will be all electric, according to rumors and reports. According to Autocar, the 2020 model will move upmarket, taking the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the BMW 7-Series and possibly the electric Porsche Taycan head on.

There’s no reason the new electric couldn’t be a fully realized Jaguar as power, range and smoothness have all been improving exponentially in the past decade or so. Jag’s other electric, the I-Pace, feels like a real car, as do the rest of the new breed of EVs.

And let’s be reasonable, the company has only moved about 500 XJs in 2019 so far. The Cadillac XTS, which inexplicably is the segment leader, outsold it 10 times over. It makes sense that Jaguar decided to rethink.

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