Go Nuts: Planters Is Hiring 'Peanutter' Drivers for the Nutmobile

Not everyone can cut the mustard and become one of Oscar Mayer’s beloved Hotdoggers—as fewer people have piloted the Wienermobile than have flown a spacecraft, says Oscar Mayer. If you washed out of last month’s SAUSCAN program to hire new Hotdoggers, though, don’t fret; they say that if you can’t join ’em, beat ’em. There’s no way to show up the drivers of America’s favorite self-propelled sausage than by pulling alongside in an older, equally grand meal on wheels: The Planters Nutmobile.

This peculiar, 26-foot peanut dates back to 1935, and as such actually predates the famous Wienermobile by a year. Its operators consist of team of three “Peanutters,” who take turns driving the Nutmobile and dressing up as its highfalutin permanent resident, Mr. Peanut. Like Hotdoggers, Peanutters are expected to put Planters’ best foot forward, appearing for the media, but also volunteering at food banks around the country.

Planters Nutmobile circa 2018

As Oscar Mayer and Planters are both owned by Heinz, the job requirements for Peanutters are almost identical to those for Hotdoggers. Each is a one-year full-time position requiring an extroverted recent college grad, preferably one with a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Business, communication, journalism, marketing, and so forth. While Oscar Mayer demands a 3.0 GPA, Planters appears to say nuts to that and lists no such requirement in its job listing.

Planters encourages wannabe Peanutters to apply on its job portal by Feb. 19. Should any of you get the job, send us a note, and maybe shots of the interior. And for heaven’s sake, please keep the Nutmobile away from the Wienermobile—the latter crashing the former would be the most family-unfriendly fender-bender in history.

Planters Nutmobile circa 2020

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