Gallery: More Shots of the e-tron GT

The e-tron GT is set to start rolling off the production line at the end of the year, and Audi is getting pretty excited about it. To celebrate, they’ve released a whole slew of new pictures.

Set to start construction at Audi’s Böllinger Höfe plant in Neckarsulm, and will use all of Audi’s latest construction technology. Made of ultra-high-strength steel and aluminum, the craftspeople who will make the e-tron have been training in VR and tests of the logistics and construction processes have already been done digitally.

To accomplish all of this, Audi is putting the e-tron GT on the same line as the R8. 

“With the integration of the Audi R8 and Audi e-tron GT, a unique combination of craftsmanship and smart factory technology is coming to life at Böllinger Höfe,” says Production Head Wolfgang Schanz in summary. “I am especially proud of the passion and spirit of our team.”

And to ensure that it sounds right, Audi brought put engineers Rudolf Halbmeir and Stephan Gsell to design the sound that will alert drivers to mounting speed. 

Customers who opt for the sound package, an extra speaker will be added at the back of the car. It will join the one that comes standard in the front and together they will work to alert drivers (and those around the car) that the e-tron GT is accelerating or decelerating. 

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