Ford Focus RS MR375 Clubsport | Spotted

The RS's 305hp just not cutting it? Better call the Mountune rescue squad

By Cam Tait / Tuesday, 17 January 2023 / Loading comments

A Focus RS with an extensive list of modifications wouldn’t normally grab our attention. It’s all well and good throwing performance parts at something in the name of lowering lap times and annoying neighbours, but as a potential buyer you’ve got little idea whether said mods have been installed properly or if, you know, they actually work.

On top of that, it takes a brave soul to start mucking about with Ford’s handiwork. The Mk2 Focus RS was a landmark car when it arrived in 2009, proving that it was possible to fire over 300hp through the front wheels without armfuls of tyre-melting torque steer. But that’s because a crack team of engineers spent a considerable amount of time and money making it work. Anyone who claims to have done better armed only with a Halfords’ socket set and some enthusiasm is probably kidding themselves. 

This, however, is no ordinary breathed-on Focus. This is the wantonly ballistic MR375 Clubsport, the most potent upgrade pack Mountune offered for the Mk2, and probably the only iteration to hold a candle to the seldom-seen but savagely good RS500. Certainly, it’s the version to allay any fears of dodgy aftermarket installations; if it was good enough for Ford’s seal of approval back in the day, it’s probably good enough for you now. 

As you might imagine, the major draw of the MR375 kit is power. Specifically, an upgrade from 305hp to 375hp from the standard car’s 2.5-litre turbocharged five-cylinder engine. That’s courtesy of an engine remap, Miltek exhaust and an upgraded bypass valve, plus all the goodies that come with the MP350 pack such as new intercooler, airbox and fuel delivery module from the RS500. As a result, cars fitted with the full MR375 could hit 62mph from a standstill in five seconds flat – 0.9 seconds faster than the base model – before topping out at 165mph. Granted, the all-wheel-drive Mk3 RS will still come out on top, but the Mountune upgrades still put the Mk2 ahead on power against newer hot hatches such as the latest Civic Type R. So, yes, it’s rather effective.

Still, that’s an awful lot of power going through the front wheels. Good thing, then, that this car is the Clubsport version, which gains a beefy Alcon brake kit and racier suspension to help manage the jump in performance. It does also mean you get some, er, questionable visual touches, including a smattering of yellow badges, mud flaps and carbon decals, making the Clubsport look as though it’s just ploughed through Mountune’s visitor gift shop. But the Mk2 RS (especially those finished in Ultimate Green) stands out like a sore thumb anyway – what difference do a few badges make?

While a lot of work has clearly gone into this Focus RS build, the car itself has not seen too much action – the odometer has only reached 22,625 – and it boasts a full service history to boot. That won’t make the £40,595 asking price any easier to digest, especially with this standard model going for nearly half of that. Of course, on the flip side, every so often an RS500 pops up close to six-figures. So not only will you save a chunk of change going for this MR375, but you’ll also get more power. And probably more attention at a set of traffic lights.


Engine: 2,521cc five cylinder, turbocharged
Transmission: 6-speed manual, front-wheel drive
Power (hp): [email protected],750rpm
Torque (lb ft): [email protected],500rpm
MPG: 30.5 (standard car)
CO2: 225g/kmm (standard car)
Year registered: 2010
Recorded mileage: 22,625
Price new: £24,995 (standard car)
Yours for: £40,595

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