Force Gurkha: New ARAI certificate with revised height issued

While installing a roof carrier is perfectly legal, some owners of the SUV have faced issues with the local cops.

Getting harassed by the cops for the roof carrier on your Force Gurkha? Worry no more. Force Motors has issued a new ARAI certificate with a revised height which includes the roof carrier.

BHPian Anwesh took up the matter with Force Motors recently. Taking note of the issue, the company has responded and issued the new certificate. The 16-page document is likely to have been shared with dealerships across India.

While installing a roof carrier is perfectly legal, there have been cases where owners have had to face harassment from local cops in some states, as the vehicle documents did not account for the increased height of the vehicle with the roof carrier installed.

Thanks to BHPian Anwesh for sharing this information with other enthusiasts!

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