Flash floods reported in several areas in Ayer Keroh, Melaka following rainfall – check for affected routes – paultan.org

Continuous rainfall that started this afternoon has caused various areas in Ayer Keroh to be flooded, including near the Pantai Hospital, according to several social media reports.

If you’re planning to enter or exit Ayer Keroh, do check in advance if your route goes through an affected area before heading out. Should your route be affected by floods, it is best to delay your journey and to move your vehicle to a safer area, if possible. Remember not to force your way through flooded areas as it can cause considerable damage to your car.

It is also important to ensure that you have the Special Perils insurance coverage for your vehicle, which is an optional add-on. Opting in will cost a little extra but the amount is relatively small compared to your vehicle’s insured value and can prove to be very important to protect you financially if your car gets damaged by floods. Without it, you’ll be footing the repair bill on your own, which can be very costly.

Given the current weather conditions, if you do not have to urgently go anywhere this week, it might be a good idea to work from home. Make sure you also always park your car on elevated ground, especially towards the evening.

Dari hospital pantai sampai Ayer Keroh banjir kilat. Hati-Hati semua.

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30 November 2022????Ayer Keroh / Taman Muzaffar Shah

Hujan lebat yang bermula kira-kira setengah jam yang lalu telah mengakibatkan banjir kilat di beberapa lokasi dalam kawasan Ayer Keroh.

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