First fully-electric Lamborghini supercar to debut by 2030

The first-ever fully-electric Lamborghini supercar is confirmed to arrive in the second half of this decade.

Lamborghini has announced its electrification roadmap for the future. The Italian supercar manufacturer has laid out a comprehensive 10-year plan, allowing them to transition into producing hybrid models, before finally introducing their first fully-electric supercar before the end of the decade.

As per the company’s plans, the first phase will see Lamborghini announce two new cars in their V12 model lineup in 2021. These two V12 models are aimed at celebrating the combustion engine, while also paying tribute to the brand’s recent history of continuous success.

The second phase will witness Lamborghini transition to hybrid models. The company has announced that its first series production hybrid supercar will arrive in 2023.

Lamborghini will also be making a huge investment of 1.5 billion euros during this period, which will allow the brand to electrify its entire product range by the end of 2024. The investment will also be used towards cutting down its CO2 emissions by 50% before the start of 2025.

The third and final phase of its electrification roadmap will witness the arrival of Lamborghini’s first-ever fully-electric supercar. The company will also be investing in a host of technological advancements throughout, ensuring the new product is positioned at the top of its segment.

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