Find of the Day: Sexy '75 Brazilian

It’s Halloween week, so we combed the internet looking for spooky VWs. While that search came up short, we turned our search on orange cars. While you might think there are few orange cars, Volkswagen has offered the bright shade for decades, from aircooled Beetles to current Jettas and Tiguans. Perusing our favorite for-sale sites lead us to this limited-edition Snap Orange New Beetle (check out the OEM color-matched interior), this 2019 Tiguan R-Line, and not one limited-edition Fahrenheit GTI, but two.

We want to turn your attention to another great pumpkin; an orange 1975 Volkswagen SP2. Never heard of the SP2? We didn’t know much about them either. This sexy, low-slung two-door was unique to the Brazilian market. According to Wikipedia, the local government was no longer allowing cars to be imported. Volkswagen of Brazil took their 3-door Variant model (think of a boxier Type 3 wagon), and put a curvy body on it. An instant sports car, right? Not so much.

Unfortunately, the SP2 only had a mildly upgraded Variant aircooled engine making just 75HP. So while it looked fast, it most certainly wasn’t. From the Wiki article, it states it took, get this, 16 seconds to get to 60MPH. Oof. In fact, locals gave it the nickname “Sem Potência” which is Portuguese for “without power.” Brutal.

But you can’t deny it’s striking looks. The long hood, fastback rear end, and short overhangs give it real presence. You won’t get anywhere quickly, but you’ll look great trying.

The current owner of this ’75 SP2 bought the car in Brazil and had it shipped to Michigan. It has been used mostly for going to car shows. The car runs and drives; it has been serviced recently. The miles aren’t listed in the auction. We’ll also say that the ad states the car is orange, but it looks a bit redder in some of the photos.

There’s more information in the eBay ad. The current bid is $18,000, and it has a “buy it now” price of $24,000. We’ll hold off on commenting on that price because, well, what is the appropriate asking price for a car that was never sold here? A Brazilian dollars? N’yuk n’yuk n’yuk.

Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone!

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