F-Pace SVR Edition 1988 honours Le Mans heritage

Jaguar SV Bespoke SUV pays homage to legendary XJR-9 racer

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, 1 June 2022 / Loading comments

June 1st means Le Mans is a matter of days away, back to something like the good old days for 2022 with crowds and a packed PH campsite. And it also means there’s no better time to announce the Le Mans-themed special edition: enter the Jaguar F-Pace SVR SV Bespoke Edition 1988.  

It’s actually the first limited edition based on the F-Pace SVR since its launch in 2019, and celebrates Jaguar’s win in the 24 hours 34 years ago. Which does seem an odd anniversary to draw attention to, but then the XJR-9’s triumph was a special one even by Le Mans standards, taking Jaguar’s first win since the D-Type and breaking the Porsche dominance of the race during the 80s. Plus it had a 7.0-litre V12 that sounds like this, so quite the endurance racer all in all.  

With the 550hp supercharged V8 present and correct, the Edition 1988 will also make a pretty good noise. What marks it out is colour scheme, the Midnight Amethyst paint, Champagne Gold forged wheels and Sunset Gold accents unique to this car.

Obviously the idea is to associate the new model with the old Le Mans V12, but even the most dedicated Jaguar fans might see that as a stretch. Handily the F-Pace looks pretty smart just in purple and gold, without any historical association at all. And obviously it doesn’t have Silk Cut emblazoned down the side… 

Jaguar will build 394 examples of the Edition 1988 F-Paces, a nod to the number of laps completed by the winning XJR-9. There’s an SV Bespoke plaque to remind you and everything. Mark Turner, Commercial Director of Jaguar SVO, said of the new trim: “Since its introduction in 2019, the Jaguar F-Pace SVR has established itself as a highly characterful and rewarding high-performance car. Pairing these qualities with a level of SV Bespoke personalisation and exclusivity never offered before on F-Pace makes Edition 1988 an even more captivating proposition. With strictly limited availability, we’re confident this will quickly become the most sought-after F-Pace SVR yet.”

The 1988 will be exhibited at Le Mans, then given a dynamic duo at Festival of Speed, but there’s no need to wait for eager customers – the limited edition SVR is on sale now, from £101,550.

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