Everrati details new 800hp GT40

Didn't believe the promise of a battery powered GT40? It's getting closer…

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, 15 June 2022 / Loading comments

You’ll have heard about Everrati about now. While there are a few companies EV-swapping classics, none seems quite as prolific – and replacing a 911’s flat six with batteries ought to ensure everyone stands up and pays attention. You’ll likely recall Everrati’s even more audacious plan to make an electric Ford GT40 with Superformance, announced last year. Now there’s a progress update and, credit where credit’s due here, it’s all sounding very encouraging.

Because while there’s daft power – 800hp and 590lb ft, since you’re asking – the exciting bits of the Everrati project are the elements that EVs have so often struggled with. It’s light, for starters, weighing 1,320kg, which it’s claimed is 47kg lighter than a fully fuelled V8 GT40; better still, that weight is distributed 40:60 front to rear, a more favourable weight balance than the 38:62 of a GT40 Mk II A.

And that’s just the start. “There is more to the GT40 than sheer sensational performance”, read the press release. “Making the car as characterful, engaging and fun to drive as possible has also been a critical focus”. To that end, the Everrati will come with an augmented V8 sound for its Race Mode, delivering up to 110db of “visceral engagement” thanks to a pair of active sound generators using tech seen in racing sims. Which sounds fun.

Probably won’t be quite like the real deal (shock, right), but synthesised noise sounds better than none at all. Same goes for the gear shifter; the changes it offers are virtual, the pause in acceleration and soundtrack all engineered, but evoking that traditional experience in one form or another is a welcome concession to enthusiasts.

Interestingly, too, Everrati is using a proprietary powertrain, having worked with Integral Powertrain on radial flux permanent magnet electric motors. They’re powered by a 60kWh lithium-ion battery (in the sills behind the passengers), and the GT40 is underpinned by a 700-volt electrical system. That’s quite something, given most OEM EV are using a 400-volt system, and even the really mega stuff like a Taycan is only running around with 800. Everrati says the system benefits high performance use on road and track, with more than 125 miles available (20 per cent charge to 80) available via an 80kW charger in 45 minutes. Perfect for the lunch break at a track day.

Told you the GT40 wasn’t just another EV – we’ve not even discussed acceleration yet. Powering through a 6.52:1 compound single ratio transmission and limited-slip diff, Everrati says 0-62mph comes up in “well under four seconds”; wonder how many synthesised gearchanges will be required for the sprint? Top speed is more than 125mph.

Everrati founder and CEO, Justin Lunny: “The GT40 personifies Everrati’s philosophy. While many companies perform electric conversions of classic cars, our approach goes far beyond that… The GT40 showcases how Everrati is taking the art of future-proofing automotive icons through electrification to the next level.” Indeed, thanks to Superformance’s involvement, which makes rolling GT40 chassis under license, the Everrati will be the only GT40 EV listed in the Shelby Registry. Should be quite the entrance at the next cars and coffee it holds.

Let’s not lose sight, however, of the fact that all engineering development is taking place in Upper Heyford, with all the experience its team has accrued in OEMs. The GT40 isn’t a US creation that’s having a digital soundtrack added here. Everrati’s Engineering Director Mike Kerr (former McLaren and Lotus engineer, don’t forget) has described the project as both “a privilege and a challenging responsibility”, but is promising “something extraordinary” from the car. Consider us very intrigued for the next update.

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