Europe: Honda to end diesel car sales by 2021

According to a media report, Honda will stop selling diesel vehicles in Europe by 2021. The carmaker is expected to electrify all cars sold in Europe by 2025.

Low demand for diesel vehicles and tougher emission regulations are said to be behind the decision. By 2021, the carbon dioxide emissions from cars sold in the European Union should be 95 g/km, from the current 120 g/km.

The report suggests that Honda hopes to have electric cars account for two-thirds of its global lineup by 2030. The figure now stands at less than 10%. Honda unveiled the CR-V Hybrid in the US last week and the model is also available in Europe. The new e electric car is also expected to go on sale in Europe. The next-generation Jazz is also expected to come as a hybrid only.

Honda is also expected to reduce the car model variations by a third by 2025 reducing global production costs by 10%. Investments in research and development are expected to increase.

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