Engine check light issue on my Mahindra XUV700: Inspection & solution

Apart from this, the “front brake pad worn out” warning also popped up on the instrument cluster of my SUV.

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There is never a dull day in the life of M&M Vehicle owners – sometimes literally!

This happened to the RedSparkle last Sunday while I was driving to Sadashivgad from Bangalore:

And then this happened today:

The first incident was worrisome – the light didn’t go off on its own or after the car was restarted. I had to disconnect the battery terminal and reconnect it. It took about 15 mins of drama on the roadside to get over this error – I continued with my trip after having a quick call with RSA and my trusted ASC – Chrome Motors contact. The car did not show signs of loss of power or anything unusual. Hence I was advised to get it checked at the next ASC visit or if the sign reappears. Thankfully, the trip went on fine without any issues or disruptions.

The second issue of the brake pad wear indicator is to do with the sensor wire becoming loose again. Recalling my experience from the last incident, I checked the exact place and the doubt was confirmed. It was the exact same wire, this time lost contact with the pin itself.

The first incident was thoroughly investigated by Chrome Motors when I came back from the trip on Wednesday last week. They did the iSmart scan and found that there is something wrong with the fuel system – they checked the entire line for leakage, blocks and signs of damage. When checking the fuel filter, they found that it had some impurities and dirt in them. This must be the culprit of the OBD light – replaced the air filter, reset the error codes and the car was sent out.

This must be a casualty of filling fuel at some bunk on my trips earlier. I haven’t been very particular about pumps. The car was typically refuelled every time the low fuel warning came and whatever pump is close-by at that time. It seems like I got to be a little more careful with fuel going forward.

So far the issue has not resurfaced and hence assuming that faulty fuel/fuel filter or some dirt in the fuel is the root cause. Since the car appears to be normal with all other things such as engine sound, electronic component scans, ECU parameters etc, for now, we put this episode to rest.

The brake pad wear indicator still needs to be addressed – either redo the coupler and fix it or get the entire wiring replaced – right now, I don’t want to make one more visit to ASC for this thing. Let the car keep running: I know the brake pads are not worn-out yet and they have a great life for another 7-8K Kms. The car odometer now reads 37,000 Kms and so by end of April or mid may it should get the 40K service anyway – that is the time this thing will be fixed.

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