Easy way to upgrade the gauges in your classic Chevy

One Stop G-Stock!

Classic Instruments teams up with Classic Dash to make upgrading the instruments in your classic Chevy easier than ever


Chevrolet brought us a mighty handsome second-gen Chevelle with its broad-shouldered quarter-panels, carefully chiseled grille, twinset headlights, and deep inset backlite for a slippery aerodynamic demeanor. Inside, these good-looking Chevelles deserve exciting and informative full instrumentation designed specifically for enthusiasts.


Classic Instruments saw the need and provided us with a full set of gauges and a drop-in, perfect-fit Classic Dash instrument panel insert for our Chevelle project. We’re working with a base Chevelle 300 sedan, which was long on function, but not much on bling. That’s why we looked to Classic Instruments for solutions. “These are our G-Stock series instruments mounted in a Classic Dash panel for 1966-’67 Chevelles,” Devin Butterbrodt of Classic Instruments told us. “The Classic Dash line includes a selection of dashpanels for a wide variety of classic vehicles. If we don’t offer a specific vehicle instrumentation package, we can usually accommodate the customer’s application with a Classic Dash panel and our universal instruments.”


“The G/Stock speedometer is our latest and greatest,” John McLeod of Classic Instruments comments. “It connects to our pulse generator (provided) or our SkyDrive antenna, which will operate off GPS satellite or it hooks directly to any electronic form of transmission or ECU/PCM.” John adds, “All sending units come with every kit. We can match any fuel sending unit if need be and each kit comes standard 33-240-Ohm to match our supplied sending unit. Our newest technology allows you to connect to any ECM, electronically controlled transmission, our GPS SkyDrive antenna, or supplied pulse generator with no control box or additional parts—and yes, everything from a carbureted classic Chevy to a new LS or LT mill! Just plug them in using all necessary sending units with single button calibration.”


John goes on to say, “Our full sweep 2 1/8- and 2 5/8-inch instruments have internal programmable warning lights. They directly feed data loggers so the user doesn’t need two sending units or have to cut into other wiring. And you can adjust lighting to your own preference, from full bright to a softer white.” John tells us the more custom route can be taken to a cool custom design using your own colors or design—or they can retrofit your original cluster to look stock but work with any engine and transmission. If you can think of it chances are Classic Instruments can make it happen.


The Classic Dash panels are precision molded from rugged UV-protected ABS material, which means they can stand the heat of summer and the cold of winter. They meet and exceed factory specifications for durability. You have a choice of carbon-fiber, brushed aluminum, or matte-black finish for quite a number of applications. Some fabrication or modifications may be required depending upon the type of vehicle you have. But the best part is that the whole assembly comes mounted and pre-wired, which saves a ton of time and more than a few headaches.





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