Did 3rd service of my XUV700 AWD: Tasks performed & issues addressed

One major issue that is continuing from the last two / three visits is the driver side window not functioning properly.

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Third Service:

The screen blanking issue at start was a recurring issue in the car and I had learnt to live with it, but off-late the screen went blank while the car was being driven and incidentally both the time it was midnight and we were driving to Nagpur. The screen came back within 3/4 seconds but nonetheless it was scary. So I had escalated the issue. I was assured from the RO-Bhubaneshwar that a new software update is due shortly and it would take care of these type of issues and I should wait till mid July. The new software release was first informed on the forum by @abirnale and on 12-07-2023 I was also informed by CC-RO and requested to book a service. The car had already crossed 19800 KM and so I booked for the Third Service on 14-07-2023.

On arrival at the SC found that my car has been assigned to a new SA – Mr. Vikash Goswami. After inspection the SA reported a couple of issues in the car even before I could tell him. That was a very pleasant surprise for me – so started a conversation with the fellow and came to know that he has joined only a week before after working for 5 years in MS.

Engine Oil: I insisted for the engine oil change at every 10K, as I have been following this routine for the last 10-11 years in my diesel cars. Last time the Maximile Ultra was used and I noticed an increase in the engine noise sometime after the 10K service. This time found that M&M has directed the SC to use Maximile Ultra V4, synthetic oil for all BS6 engines. Picture of the new engine oil can:

Software Update: Learnt that the main co-tek (Mr. Ghule) has been shifted to Raipur and he visits this showroom only on Monday and Friday. This would be a great loss for the customers at Bhilai for he is a very knowledgable person. Luckily he was present on that day and the software update on my car was personally done by him.

Brake Pads: I was particularly worried about the remaining life of the front brake pads, as many have shared about front brake pad change in 15K KM approx. The mechanic opened up both the front pads and showed me that 7mm thickness (out of a total of 11mm) is still left in them.

Tyre rotation was also done by the mechanic but they did not opt for WA and WB.

Others issues: One major issue that is continuing from the last two / three visits is the driver side window not functioning properly. First time they updated some software, second time they lubricated the internal mechanism, but still the issue persists as-it-is right from the beginning. This time also they were not willing to change the motor and insisted on changing the steel lining/ beat on the door. However, the steel lining that they had was damaged and they promised to place order for the lining as-well-as the motor. Have to wait for the parts to arrive and another visit to the SC is due.

The football-in-the-boot issue is present in my car but could not replicate the same in the SC.

Six litres of DEF fluid was also filled and the DEF tank is now at 96%.

Casually requested them for the headlight levelling and found that the low beam was slightly down towards the ground than the recommended height. So got the same fixed.

As expected, washing the car took 2.5 hours. The car was really dirty due to the monsoons and I had already taken leave for the day – so decided to wait it out. The SA promised me to get the washing done within 1 hour and I cannot blame him – for twice I went to the washing area and I saw he was standing there trying to place my car ahead of the queue.

Before I end, I must appreciate the efforts put in by the new SA (Mr. Vikash) and the difference in attitude from the existing SAs was perceptible. How far he can maintain this or if he also will adapt the existing culture – only time will tell.

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