DDPai Mini: Quick review of the cheapest branded dashcam in the market

The product surpassed my expectations which weren’t much, to begin with.

BHPian Rambo-RS recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Greetings BHPians!

I am sharing a quick review of a dashcam that I bought recently. It is “DDPai Mini” and I bought it for Rs. 3500 from Amazon. The product was shipped by a seller named “Nexdigitron”.

Installation was simple and was done by myself using a pry tool that was provided in the box. The cable length was sufficient and I was able to hide it pretty well.

The video quality for the price is great. a 1-minute video in 1080P with audio recording turned out to take 100MB of space. Loop recording is supported thus I have installed a 32Gb Strontium Memory card, which is sufficient for my use.

One important point that I considered was for a dashcam to be capacitor based rather than Lithium battery based, and this dashcam fulfilled that requirement as well.

The product surpassed my expectations which were not much considering it is one of the cheapest dashcams by a good brand in the market. Other options considered were “Qubo” and “Nexdigitron A3”, but rejected them because they are new to the market and I wanted to go with a trusted product.

Sharing a few footages, recorded by this dashcam.

  • Video 1
  • Video 2

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