Citroen C3 Aircross: My honest observations on build, seating & quality

The third row in the seven-seater is only and only for kids.

BHPian Razor44 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Checked out the C3 Aircross today, both the 5 and the 5+2 Max versions. Looks quite good and big from outside. Had an open conversation with the showroom person and for several queries, he was candid enough to remark that ” Sir even we dont know and dont like it, we have communicated that to the higher ups”. These included the very basic keys, the rear window buttons on the central console and the lack of projector headlamps. The other findings were as follows:

Build: Exterior build looks good and solid. Front door heft was better than the Elevate we had checked out earlier and was almost like my Aspire.

Seating: The middle row in the 5 seater is really spacious and comfy like a sofa but lacked overhead air vents. In the seven-seater one the middle seat base was narrower by 2 inches, seat back a tad less inclined leg space is a bit less. But in both the cases the seating is very good and can easily seat 3 persons (see image for middle space for the third person)

The third row in the seven-seater is only and only for kids. With me sitting behind with my knees folded almost to my chest (height 5’10”), the middle row seat couldn’t be folded back into position. But the tumbling of the middle row and removal mechanism of the third row is silky smooth.

Having the air vents overhead felt quite useful, and should have been provided in the 5-person variant too. But the showroom person was super confident that the ac itself is very powerful and the cool air reaches everywhere even without the middle row vents.

Other findings:

  • Steering: Very nice to hold and getting into a driving position was easy despite the lack of telescopic adjustment.
  • View from driver’s seat is commanding.
  • Driver seat armrest actually provides some rest compared to some other cars but for every time you want to access the rear window buttons, the arm rest has to be folded too.
  • The roof liner was quite cheap in look and feel and the rear cabin light in the seven-seater was already loose and looked like it may fall off.
  • The boot is really cavernous but the boot light is very small and quite dim.
  • The air vents both in the dash and the middle row in the 7-seater looks quite cool in design, but will they last?!
  • Rear camera quality is okay-ish.
  • The infotainment touch screen was really nice and crisp.

Test drives will be available from the 20th onwards.

Overall, I had a positive impression despite lacking quite a few features. I feel this would be a good car to drive and travel in, if one could adjust to not having some niceties.

As per the showroom person the top versions will be around 14.8 L for 5 seater and 15.2 L for the seven-seater on road at Raipur.

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