ChargEV Ayer Keroh OBR 50 kW and Starbucks 60 kW DC chargers now cost RM1.20 per kWh –

ChargEV has introduced per kWh charging to more DC chargers under its network, expanding the RM1.20 per kWh rate that it first introduced at its Kempower chargers at Berjaya Times Square.

When they were first launched, its 60 kW chargers at Starbucks outlet cost RM1.20 per minute. They now cost RM1.20 per kWh.

The 17 Starbucks stores with EV chargers are as follow:

Starbucks Kota Kemuning Drive-Thru (DC chargers)
Starbucks Reserve Setia Alam (DC chargers)
Starbucks Ukay Perdana Drive-Thru (DC chargers)
Starbucks Eco Gradeur Drive-Thru (DC chargers)
Starbucks Conezion Putrajaya Drive-Thru
Starbucks Rimbayu Drive-Thru
Starbucks Jade Hill Drive-Thru
Starbucks Reserve Eco Majestic Drive-Thru
Starbucks Eco Horizon Drive-Thru
Starbucks Icon City Drive-Thru
Starbucks Hillside Drive-Thru
Starbucks Juru (R&R) Drive-Thru
Starbucks Tanjong Tokong Drive-Thru
Starbucks Malim Jaya Drive-Thru
Starbucks Bandar Seri Alam Drive-Thru
Starbucks Seri Austin Drive-Thru
Starbucks Skudai (R&R) Drive-Thru

The same RM1.20 per kWh rate has been extended to the 50 kW charger at Ayer Keroh OBR Southbound, which was free to use before today. Do note that the same rate applies if you use the AC gun of a triple gun DC charger.

Download the chargEV app using the links below:

LINK: chargEV (Apple)
LINK: chargEV (Google Play)

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