Car companies in India: Whose website is as good as its vehicles

A decade ago, no one cared about these websites but now, people are ready to buy a car online.

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Car companies in India are very active now. Buying a car has become a necessity for many now. Along with customer experience in a car dealership, nowadays, car companies are also making sure that their websites are excellent in terms of user experience.

10 years ago, no one cared about these car companies’ websites but now people are ready to buy a car from a website. So for achieving this, car companies are ensuring that their websites are as good as their cars.

The car websites

Audi: The website is very smooth and has tons of information about their cars and is modern too.

BMW: Very smooth website, has tons of information and has a virtual experience too.

Lexus: Decent website, gives information about their cars in detail.

MG: A good website with excellent configurators but a bit laggy.

KIA: One of the best websites of car companies in India.

Isuzu: Okish website, too old and no modern features, looks cluttered.

MINI: Good website with excellent features and good user experience.

BYD: Nice website and it is very smooth and responsive. Good amount of information is present too.

Honda : Very good website with one of the best car configurations.

Jeep: A bit cluttered but is very responsive. First-time users may find some difficulties

Jaguar: Nice website with a good interface.

Hyundai: Very nice and responsive website.

VW: Decent website but the configurator takes forever to load.

Skoda: Nice and simple website.

Mahindra: One of the best website car configurators and is smooth too.

Land Rover/Range Rover: Awesome website with its own build feature.

Maruti: A bit cluttered but smooth.

Mercedes: One of the best websites with a buttery smooth experience.

Porsche: Very good website with good information.

Nissan: Very good website.

Renault: Good user experience.

TATA: A bit laggy and cluttered.

Toyota: One of the best car websites.

Volvo: Very smooth and responsive website.

Citroen: Suprised, had a very good experience!

The lag which I mentioned might be my device’s issue. All the above views are my views and they will change accordingly from person to person.

Which car company website is best according to you?

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