Car AC specialist in Mumbai finds AC leak in Safari Storme in no time

I am extremely satisfied with the work and professionalism of the experienced staff. Would recommend this place to anybody looking for car AC repair in Mumbai.

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Team-BHP Directory solved my AC problems

As I had mentioned in my previous posts, the truck’s ac had a leak and it was losing gas every 3-4 weeks and cooling became negligible. Add to it the large glass area of the Storme was making daytime travel even more uncomfortable.

The problems in my truck’s AC are mentioned below:

I had been avoiding it for a long time given we found no leaks in the condenser and the usual suspect in that case would be the cooling coil, but that also means opening up the dashboard which I didn’t want to do. But this time I decided to tackle it once and for all and started looking for car AC specialists. I searched the team bhp directory and came across Unicool AC repair in Ghatkopar Mumbai. They had mostly positive reviews and hence I decided to pay them a visit.

I called up the owner in the morning and he told me to come over and he would be able to look into it.

I visited their shop at around 11:30am and was attended to immediately by an expert mechanic. The best thing about them is that they were extremely methodical when they went about their business.

The first area checked was under the hood, they used a strong light along with soap water to look for oil leaks. There was some oil around both the low-pressure and high-pressure valves and they suspected this could be the problem. But when tested with soap water things looked fine so they moved on inside the car.

Now this is where an experienced mechanic makes so much difference. The guy mentioned that Storme usually has a leak in the pipes going to the rear cooling coil. He started looking around the B-pillar driver side near the base of the pillar and he found the leak there. The trims were opened and the pipe tested with soap water which confirmed the leak and showed that the pipe had rusted. Looking at the diameter of the pipe, I suspect it was the high pressure pipe which gave in. It was removed immediately and sent for repair. The mechanic told me that they would call me by 4pm.

And as expected I received a call at exactly 4pm saying that the truck is ready and I can come and collect it. I confirmed with them if they have checked if there are any other leaks in the system. They replied that the truck was left with nitrogen gas in the system at 300psi for 1 hour and the pressure was maintained without any issues so no further leakage. So I went to collect the truck.

The cooling issue was gone and the truck was cooling brilliantly as all Tata vehicles do. The vent temperature was 5.5 Celsius which was great.

For checking the heater core and the recirculation motor, they mentioned would have required a dashboard opening so it can be deferred for now as the heater coil is anyways never required in Mumbai. However, they did close the outside air flap and disconnected the motor hence it is permanently closed now which solved the foul smell issue also.

The total bill handed to me was 4000/-, which they mentioned would have been lesser if the vehicle had a single cooling coil as it consumes less gas. They had also topped up the condenser oil for the system.


I am extremely satisfied with the work and professionalism of the experienced staff. Would recommend this place to anybody looking for AC repair in Mumbai. And special thanks to Team-BHP for pointing me to these folks.


At Unicool Ghatkopar

Four cars lineup one behind the other comfortably.

The B-pillar trim being opened up to access the leaking pipe.

The leak due to the rusted pipe at the base of the pipe.

Final temperature post the fix.

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