Cadillac CT6 Pricing Changing Drastically For 2020 Model Year

It’s more expensive with fewer choices but makes up for it with additional content.

Cadillac feels lost. In the last year, the luxury brand has ousted its CEO, said it’d cut the CT6 from its lineup because sedans are bad now, raised CT6-V pricing, announced it’d lead GM’s electric vehicle efforts, extended CT6 production by six months because sedans are good again sort of, rejiggered its V-Series brand down market, and announced hotter V-Series CT4 and CT5 sedans in the future. That’s a rollercoaster ride Cedar Point would be happy to have. All those ups and downs lead us to today where Cadillac is raising prices for the CT6 for the 2020 model year.

According to Cars Direct, Cadillac is trimming trims and engines, but not price. The brand will offer three trim choices, down from seven: Luxury, Premium Luxury, and Platinum. Gone are the CT6’s turbocharged 2.0- and 3.0-liter turbocharged engines leaving the 3.6-liter V6 and twin-turbocharged 4.2-liter V8 as the only two options. All three trims get a price bump; however, Cadillac is offering more content for the money.

The entry-level 2020 CT6 Luxury is $3,500 more expensive than the outgoing model because Cadillac is including the Driver Awareness & Convenience Package that adds automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, forward collision alert, and more. This makes the entry-level CT6 $8,500 more expensive than the cheapest 2019 model. The 2020 model will start at $59,990.

The Premium Luxury trim sees the most substantial price jump – $11,900 – going from $63,590 for 2019 to $75,490 in 2020. However, Cadillac packs it with a ton of new content that makes it $2,500 cheaper than a similarly-equipped 2019 model. The Premium Luxury trim receives Super Cruise, the Rear Seat Package, and the Comfort & Technology Package. The Rear Seat pack adds quad-zone climate control, dual USB ports, and rear seat infotainment screens. The other pack adds a 12.0-inch reconfigurable instrument cluster, automatic ventilated front seats, rear camera mirror, and more.

The CT6 Platinum, with the twin-turbo 4.2-liter Blackwing V8, will get a $700 price jump to $97,490. Cadillac makes the once optional $700 20-inch Platinum-grade wheels for 2019 not so optional for 2020.

Cadillac reshuffling the CT6 makes sense for a sedan with an uncertain future. Fewer options should make manufacturing cheaper as GM figures our what to do with the CT6 and the Cadillac brand going forward. The CT6 might not be around much longer; however, Cadillac is doing its best to give customers the greatest value possible – even if it’s more expensive than last year.

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