Bye Bye Blackwing: Is Cadillac’s 4.2-liter V8 going away before it even arrives?

The Cadillac Blackwing V8’s future is in jeopardy due to cost-cutting on upcoming products. 

The Blackwing V8 is a fantastic, modern engine. It’s an aluminum, turbocharged, DOHC V8, with forged internals, six-bolt mains and 550 hp in CT6-V trim. It’s about as modern as any V8 engine out there and could have powered your next Caddy. But it looks like cost-cutting might put an end to the Blackwing’s widespread rollout.

While the Blackwing had proposed homes in the upcoming Cadillac Escalade, XT6 and future V-models, the folks at Motor Trend spoke with a “highly placed” source at GM that suggests otherwise. It’s likely that the next-gen Escalade will continue with a small-block based engine and won’t go to the DOHC Blackwing mill. As for the XT6 and V-variants based on the CT-5: Apparently, the platforms underpinning both models aren’t optimized for the Blackwing V8. We reached out to Cadillac for comment, but as expected, we couldn’t get anyone on the record about future powertrain plans. Hopefully the CFO will see how much they invested in the engine and insist someone make a home for it.

h/t Motor Trend

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