Budget Rs. 15 lakh: Need suggestions for a car with good ride quality

Since most of our drives would be in the city, the ride comfort or ride quality on broken city roads is my no.1 priority.

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Need some advice on buying a new car. My driving is 98% in the city and I hardly go on highway trips. We are a family of 4(2adults+2kids). So we need a spacious comfortable car.

Since most of our drives would be in the city, the ride comfort or ride quality on broken city roads is my no.1 priority. I can compromise on performance.

Within a budget of 15 lakhs, which car in the current market offers the best ride comfort while going through roughest of the roughest patches.



Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

  • Kia Carens: Awesome ride quality, lots of space, great spread of engines. This should be your no.1 choice.
  • MG Hector, as Shreyans said. Comfortable low speed ride quality. Wafts over bad roads.
  • 5th-gen City: Can’t go wrong with this all-rounder. But the Carens & Hector are above it for your purpose.

Don’t go for the Nexon. It rides firm and can get bumpy on bad roads.

Here’s what BHPian SmartCat had to say on the matter:

Most Hyundai cars have excellent low speed ride quality. As an added bonus, Hyundai steering feedback is poor (which is a good thing for your requirement). Meaning, when you go over a bad patch of road, the steering will not vibrate/shake/move around much.

Whatever car you buy:

  • Reduce tyre pressure to 30 PSI (ignore what the manufacturer says).
  • Make sure wheel alignment is perfect. Ride quality will be poor if wheel alignment is badly done..
  • Change tyres every 4 years (ignore the kms done).

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Here’s what BHPian cool_dube had to say on the matter:

Look no further than the Renault Duster. I know it is almost at the end of its lifecycle but there is no other car in this budget/segment which comes even close to the Duster when it comes to ride quality – period! Moreover, you can get some good discounts as well, if you negotiate hard. The only other option I can think of, within your budget, is the Tata Nexon.

Here’s what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say on the matter:

The car with the beat low speed ride quality the the MG Hector. It’s soft and pillowy, nicely complimented by large and comfortable seats. It is the ideal car for the requirements you describe.

Here’s what BHPian SideView had to say on the matter:

I would say other than suspension one thing I personally would consider if vehicle is used is 98% city drive is a proper automatic. (No AMT, iVT BS).

Since you mention broken city roads I would recommend a cSUV.

I would suggest wait for 6 speed automatic Brezza.(If you would be able to stretch the budget maybe a bit, you might be lucky if MS price it aggressively).

Two reasons why i wont recommend the Duster:

  • I am a Terrano 110 ps diesel owner, but wont recommend the turbo petrol for city drive constant gear shifing is a hassle. Low end is not good, but highway it is a beauty.
    (turbo petrols also it is the same, highlighted in the review). Automatic might be an option though.
  • Duster is done, no more new launches. So risky buying a phased out model ( if one plans on keeping it for long).

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