Bringing home my Mahindra XUV700 AX7L: Quick first impressions

Post a short first drive, the car is now getting a full paint protection film installed.

BHPian MissionManali recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Dear TBHPians,

Happy to report the delivery of my AX7L AT AWD, dazzling silver yesterday. Took delivery at Mandi, HP and drove straight to Chandigarh.

The dealer staff was very supportive during PDI and delivery process. There was a scary moment just before delivery as the front passenger side handle refused to fold. After an hour of troubleshooting with the plant team, it was found that the motor has given away. There was seemingly some moisture on the motor which caused this. Wonder from where it came as the internal panel was dry otherwise. However, as the dealer did not have this in stock, the same was interchanged with the demo unit. Though it took almost 3 hours for the demo unit to arrive from a nearby location, I was happy in the end given the proactive approach of the dealer staff. Rest all was fine & will keep an eye on this moisture issue.

My machine has Bridgestone tires & June 2022 make. Got the single key and non-sequential rear turn indicators with a written promise to get the same in 4-6 months. The rear suspension has 9 coils, so no recall.

Accessories opted-Side steps, 3D mats, mud flaps, screen guard, illuminated scuff plates, paddle covers-Total cost after discount INR 33341.

  • Insurance – Tata AIG INR 64,732. Opted for RTI, bumper to bumper. I had 50% NCB.
  • Prices for extended warranties have gone up as reported here. Not opted as of now but will add 4th year one at least later via the app.

Adrenox got activated immediately. Will have to spend some considerable time getting used to all gadgetry.

Based on the drive from Mandi to Chandigarh:

The engine is powerful, over takings are fun. Steering is light & ride comfort is excellent. Actually, it does not feel like one is driving such a huge & heavy car. To me, the NVH level felt very good, especially coming from 4th generation Honda city Idtec. I am mostly a sedate driver so didn’t feel any lag or jerking/shaking issues as reported on this forum. Auto headlamps are a boon, especially in hills.

Right now, the beast is getting spa treatment along with a layer of paint protection film. Should be ready by Saturday evening. Leaving with some pictures.

Thanks to all the members for the wonderful discussions here, which made some of my decisions easier. Looking forward.

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