Breakfast ride on my Meteor 350 with 50 other Royal Enfield bikes

There were multiple RE models such as the Himalayan, Classic, Thunderbird and even Bullet standard.

BHPian Ikran recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

8th Jan 2023

This date marked my first breakfast ride for 2023 with (which I was overwhelmed with) 50 RE riders across Mumbai.


I purchased a Meteor 350 Stellar Blue in July 2022 (fondly called Basanti – christened by my daughter) and the riding bug bit me soon after.

As fate would have it and with able assistance from Google baba, I stumbled on a Mumbai-based riding group BRO (Brotherhood Riders Official) which brings RE owners together to share their passion for riding.

With new year celebrations past a week, BRO planned a breakfast ride to celebrate their 50 official members and wish Happy New Year to all riding members.

I was keen to be part of this ride to kick off the riding bug in me this year (One bucket-list item checked).

The Ride

Since there were 50 riders coming from across Mumbai, Thane & Raigad regions, multiple meetup points were set up and I chose to join them from Thane.

I reached Thane meetup point at 06:30 as decided

We started our ride from there at 07:00 to the final meet-up point at Kalamboli and reached there by 07:45.

And was I in for a surprise?

To my sight of 50 RE bikes (Classic/Himalayan/TB/Meteor/Bullet STD) was like “Itne bike toh ek saat showroom mein bhi nahi milte hai dekhne ko”. English – “You don’t get to see these many bikes together in the RE showroom as well”.

We had a short meet and greet session there with the BRO’s admin (Jai Parmar, Tanmay Kamath & Abhishek Patel to name a few) and few fellow riders. Must acknowledge BRO’s admins have taken significant effort to pull off this ride. They are extremely well-travelled and sincere in their approach towards building a riding community. Hats off to you guys.

A brief on Brotherhood Riders Official (BRO)


Brotherhood Riders Official is a Royal Enfield motorcycle club established in 2019. We explore unexplored places with Royal Enfield bikes.

Brotherhood Riders Official is a community of Royal Enfield Riders in Mumbai and Pune.

BRO is a platform for motorcycling enthusiasts to share their riding experiences.

Their mission is to promote the motorcycle culture and lifestyle, to provide ethical and quality riding infrastructure to all royal Enfield lovers, and showcase to people bike culture.

BRO’s team plans a monthly day ride and also interstate rides spanned over a few days once a quarter. They are assisted by early-stage members to plan and execute these rides.

One simple rule to be followed by riding members is SAFETY (rider and pillion). Riders are not allowed to ride with the group if safety gears are not on at the time of the ride. Safety is of paramount importance here.

Back to the Ride

We started our ride to Kalamboli at some time half past 8 and reached our destination at around 9:30 (right on time for breakfast).

Once there, everyone digged right into breakfast to cool off their empty tummies and enjoyed a scrumptious fare on offer.

Post breakfast, riders came along for a few pics followed by a ceremonial introduction session where everyone introduces themselves by saying 2 lines about themselves. BRO team distributed their merchandise to newly inducted official members and called it a day.

I returned home with a big smile on my face and to show off what we did along the way riding with 50 REs for the first time to my family. Only to be told by my better half that she will accompany me on the next ride with team BRO.

Here are a couple of videos from the ride:

  • Video 1
  • Video 2

Signing off with a few more pics. Happy New Year to everyone. Stay safe and happy riding.

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