BMW's Wingsuit Will Let You Fly Through the Sky Like a Superhero

Hot off the back of its #NEXTGen 2020 showcase that offered a first glimpse at the Definition CE 04 scooter and iX crossover comes BMW‘s latest innovation: an electric wingsuit.

BMW has developed this wingsuit alongside its i division, meaning it is fully electric. It produces 20 HP, but while this might sound measly, it only weighs 12kg — subsequently, testers who wore the wingsuit flew over the Austrian Alpines at speeds of up to 186 km/h (approx. 115 mph).

The average speed of someone skydiving is around 120 mph, but this wingsuit offers a totally different experience. Whereas with skydiving you are aiming for land, BMW i’s wingsuit allows you to travel through the air like a one-person aircraft.

It has been tested in BMW’s Aerodynamics Testing Center to ensure it can withstand forces of up to 300 km/h (approx. 186.5 mph), and more can be seen in the video above.

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