BKT Earthmax SR 468 57-inch tyre for dump trucks is here

BKT has produced a giant product called the EARTHMAX SR 468, which has been designed for rigid dump trucks. The prototype has been made in the 40.00 R57 size and the company claims that it will be tested in the spring of 2021. This is the largest tyre size ever made by BKT.

The machinery used to produce the Earthmax SR 468 reached BKT’s plant in Bhuj last January, just before the lockdown enforced due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it was not installed immediately. It was only after a temporary shutdown of the manufacturing facility, which was necessary to implement a safety plan for the staff, did activities finally return to full operation. The installation of the new machinery was carried out with the online help of the manufacturer and the BKT engineers on site.

The Earthmax range of radial tyres are used on off-road vehicles and equipped with an all steel structure, which is claimed to provide greater resistance to the casing and hence, against damage. The Earthmax SR 468 has a unique tread design and the compound to limit the heat generated. According to BKT, the E-4 depth of the tread provides resistance in challenging conditions.

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