Behold the new Radical SR3 XXR

The SR3 is Radical's best-selling car; prepare to want one even more now

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, 20 December 2022 / Loading comments

In all probability, those that ever raced a Radical will likely have raced an SR3. Of the 2,800 cars made by the company since 1997, more than 1,500 have been SR3s, and the majority of the 12 Radical Cup championships run across the globe use the model as well. Having listened to feedback from its racers, Radical now has this ready for 2023: the SR3 XXR.

Building on the SR3 XX of 2020, the R promises improved performance, usability and durability while ‘retaining the essence of what makes the SR3 the most successful prototype-style sports racing car in the world.’ So while it still uses a high-revving 1.5-litre four-cylinder Suzuki engine, the SR3 XXR can run on biofuel – the first Radical to have that capability.

Power is 235hp and it revs to 10,000rpm – James Pinkerton, Radical Motorsport’s Head of R&D, describes it as “undoubtedly the star of the show” – with lighter conrods, crank pins and a reworked cylinder head to improve flow rate and consistency. The sequential gearbox has been recalibrated as well, and a new cooling system will get the XXR up to race temp quicker. Radical says that additional power and torque have been achieved without compromising durability.

Elsewhere, the aero has been tweaked with a new central ‘shark fin’, there are new brakes from AP Racing (boasting better pedal feel and lower unspring mass), and a pit lane speed limiter is also now standard fit (apparently, too many racers were getting penalties for speeding during stops, which this will prevent). New DRLs and wheels mark the SR3 XXR out, as do the available carbon splitter and diffuser.

Pinkerton added: “The SR3’s handling is renowned as a masterpiece so for [SR3] XXR we took the approach of evolutionary improvements across multiple areas. We looked at customer feedback as well as a list of items we’d personally like as racers. We then set about scrutinising every system on the vehicle to see where improvements could be made, whilst staying true to the SR3 formula.”

It seems a fitting way to round out 2022 for Radical, its 25th anniversary year being one of ‘unprecedented growth’, with more cars bought and sold than at any other time in its history. Those who want to buy an SR3 XXR can place an order with their dealer now; production is due to start in February, with deliveries before that month is out.

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