Audi cheats in emission tests again; uses four defeat devices

According to a media report, Audi has used up to four different defeat devices in vehicles powered by its 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine. The defeat devices are reported to lower emission readings during German government’s emission tests, which are carried out on a rolling road. The emissions are said to be lower than actual real-world emissions.

The defeat devices are claimed to be built by Audi and are said to be used on vehicles built up to the beginning of 2018. That’s more than two years after Volkswagen was accused of using defeat devices to lower emissions during tests. It may be recalled that in June 2017, Audi was accused of cheating in emission tests by the German government.

The German transport ministry instructed Audi to recall up to 2,00,000 cars in January 2019. Out of the four defeat devices, only one of them has been deemed to be illegal. Audi can voluntarily remove the other three defeat devices as a part of the recall. The illegal defeat device has been labelled ‘Motoraufwärmfunktion’, or the ‘engine warm-up function’. Cars from Volkswagen and Porsche are also said to be affected.

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