Attended Singapore Motorshow 2023: Over 20 car companies participated

Many EVs & Hybrids were on display but brands like Tesla, Bentley, Ferrari and Porsche were not present.

BHPian ajayc123 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Google is very smart, and always spying on you. I was skimming through Google News on my mobile on a Saturday evening & stumbled upon a news item on the Singapore Motorshow 2023.

God knows what algorithm was used to show this in my news feed, but never mind, that article seeded the idea of visiting the show since I happened to be in Singapore.

With not much of a plan for Sunday, and usually seeing pics of the premium cars on the team-bhp portal, I thought why not use this opportunity to see some cars in flesh and blood, and actually touch and feel them too, and yeah sit inside them. Yes, I made sure, I sat inside a really low 2-seater sports car. Oh my God! What a feeling.

Within minutes, I browsed and purchased a ticket for the event and was all set to attend it.

The website of the motor show is a bit basic, but it gives enough idea about the representation.

And there I arrived.

Finally ready to enter. It’s 404, but thankfully not “404 Not Found”.

And what a surprise. Well it happened that the Suzuki stall was pretty close to the entrance, and I was quite delighted to see the 3 door Jimny, and in no time, I was inside it and felt like a kid.

Over 20 companies were represented in the show, apparently in collaboration with the local car dealers.

Surprisingly, didn’t see Tesla, though there are Tesla cars around. Likewise, some other brands seen on Singapore roads like Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche were also not there. The show would have been more exciting with these folks.

A lot of EVs and Hybrids on display. Surely, many of those will be there in India in the coming years. It wasn’t at all bad to step into some of the cars, that one is unlikely to buy during a lifetime. But you never know. I am not a car expert by any means, so I cannot go too technical about these cars, but this post is just to bring a visitor’s perspective about the show.

Since there were just too many cars, I really couldn’t get into the technical aspects of the cars, but just took some pics of the stalls and cars. Name of the respective car is usually there instead of the nameplate, and in some cases, the features are printed on the cars themselves. More like a visual journey, hope you enjoy it.


Audi e tron-GT


BMW 735i

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