APAD announces that the age limit for taxis, e-hailing vehicles in Malaysia has been increased to 15 years – paultan.org

The land public transport agency (APAD) has announced that the age limit for taxi and e-hailing vehicles in the country has been increased to 15 years. This applies to all such vehicles for hire in the Peninsular, Sabah, Sarawak and the federal territory of Labuan.

In a statement released yesterday, the agency said the extension was in line with the transport ministry’s desire to sustain the taxi and e-hailing industry in order to improve the country’s public transport system.

It said the extension for both taxi and e-hailing vehicles come with three conditions. The first is that the vehicles reach the maximum age limit in the period starting January 1 this year. In addition, all vehicles that will be given the approval must comply with and pass all Puspakom’s mandatory periodic inspection requirements to ensure their roadworthiness.

The third condition is compliance with other operating conditions that have been set to ensure the level of vehicle safety, user comfort and the industry’s image are guaranteed. The agency said that it hoped that with the announcement, taxi and e-hailing industry players can improve the quality of their service.

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