AMG GT 4-Door refreshed for 2021

£142k behemoth receives new damping tech and front axle bushes for improved ride and handling

By PH Staff / Tuesday, June 15, 2021 / Loading comments

Mercedes-AMG has updated its GT 4-Door range with new suspension and chassis components designed to enhance both comfort and agility. The Panamera-rivalling V8 model, offered in Britain so far only in 63 S guises, also receives an extended choice of wheels, new interior trim options and additional body colours. There’s also a new Edition model that cherry picks options to spruce up the base spec, but is only available on the continent, where a straight-six 4-Door model is also offered.

We’ve little to be jealous of on the other side of the Channel, though, not only because we get that ‘hot vee’ 4.0-litre version as standard, but because the most promising new GT 4-Door feature has to be that new damping setup. AMG makes claims for better controlled compression and rebound action in its new two-valve (per strut) system, meaning passengers are “almost completely shielded from uneven road surfaces”. Apparently this doesn’t come at the cost of body control when pressing on; in fact, we’re told the computer-controlled two-valve system enhances what was there before.

Adding to these claims for better dynamic performance is a tweaked front axle setup that includes new bushes for the front struts. This is in addition to the plethora of rigidity-boosting hardware that was added to the GT 4-Door’s underside in 2020, meaning a 2021-spec machine should feel a whole lot more structurally solid than a launch car. Which is saying something, because at no stage in the GT 4-Door’s production life has it felt less anything less than solid. AMG makes claims for more responsive steering with the latest update, which, again, is on top of the four-wheel steer agility the car already possessed.

Elsewhere, the two-row GT model gains more wheel options for its 20- and 21-inch range, new exterior colours – spectral blue metallic, spectral blue magno matt and cashmere white magno matt – and some interior changes. The most significant of all is AMG’s new six-spoke (laid out as three pairs) steering wheel, with better placed buttons. There are also new bits of trim and materials for buyers to choose from for the interior, including an optional anthracite open-pore wood for the centre console, instrument panel and door cards. Those who opt for the aforementioned Edition variant get more thrown in as standard no matter the variant it’s based on.

That said, it’s relatively early days as far as facelift announcements go, so pricing for each country isn’t out yet. But expect the usual whenever it lands, with a mild increase on the car’s current £141,855 in Britain. Updated cars should be arriving in showrooms for August, so those who move quickly enough might be able to get a taste of 2021-spec AMG GT 4-Door before the summer departs.

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