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The best Alfa in generations is now i20 N money – what's stopping you?

By Matt Bird / Thursday, 1 June 2023 / Loading comments

That the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is one of the super-saloon greats is well established by now. So well established, in fact, that you voted it as one of the best ever (well, since 1998) in our recent PH25 poll. Several years after the 2015 launch, the impact of the 510hp Giulia has inevitably waned somewhat, but it shouldn’t be forgotten just what an achievement the Quadrifoglio was. There just hadn’t been an enthusiast-focused Alfa of note for decades – the GTAs were overwhelmed by their engines, the 4C was flawed – and then, from nowhere, four-door Alfa Romeos were great again. As in almost-M3-beating great again. The best 159 was probably the front-wheel drive Ti with the 1.75-litre engine. From that car to the QV was like the leap from biplane to Eurofighter.

The Giulia was sufficiently good from the get-go that updates have been fairly modest in their scope. The interior has been revised and the new differential that comes with the 100th-anniversary car promises some improvement, but the fundamentals have continued unaltered. It’s light, it’s fast, it looks fantastic and drives even better. Even with a newer M3 available, the Giulia can still teach it something about involvement and engagement.

A saving off the £75k asking price always makes used ones appealing, as do the (mostly) contented owners that can be found in the forum. Not only is this the cheapest Giulia we’ve yet seen at £25,950, it’s also been owned by a PHer sufficiently dedicated to create an entire forum thread on it. A nice little bit of its history that it’d be great to see the next owner continue.

It’s the mileage, predictably enough, that makes it more affordable than most, with 115,000 on the odo. That being said, the overwhelming majority of those miles – 111,000 of them – were accrued by the first owner, who was so enamoured with the experience that they traded it in for a brand new Quadrifoglio. Another happy customer then, and one who kept the Giulia’s services up to date as well. There’s plenty to be encouraged by under the current ownership, too, with a major service (including the gearbox), diff oil change and four Michelins over the past few months. The MOT is valid until March, too.

Moreover, there’s all the good stuff we love to see in an advert about a proper cult hero, with loads of detail (including on the less-than-perfect bits), plenty of pics and some tangible enthusiasm for what is undoubtedly a great car. Oh yeah, and a GR Yaris on the drive as well – another PH25 great.

Some will likely always be put off by an Alfa with a six-figure mileage, but let them go buy something much less interesting instead. The Giulia’s popularity has ensured a strong community has built up around them with the knowledge to keep them at their best. And while a later car with the bigger screen is desirable, everything that made the Giulia an Alfa icon will be present and correct with this one. The mileage means there’s going to be a story to tell, and whoever takes it on next will be free to do with it as they please; it’s never going to be a Concours-perfect collectors’ item, so whether it’s more motorway miles or a weekend plaything, the Giulia can hopefully be driven and enjoyed for many years yet. Just forget to keep that thread updated…


Engine: 2,891cc, V6, twin-turbocharged 
Transmission: 8-speed auto, rear-wheel drive 
Power (hp): 510@6,500rpm 
Torque (lb ft): 443@2,500rpm 
MPG: 28.2 
CO2: 227g/km
Recorded mileage: 115,000
Year registered: 2017
Price new: £75,204 (2023)
Yours for: £25,950

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