Affordable EFI-Ready Fuel Tank For Your Classic Chevy

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Tanks Inc’s baffled EFI-ready tank will keep your Chevy’s engine well supplied, even in the turns

Cars are a collection of parts that need to work together properly if you’re going to be successful on the track, or even the street. If one piece of the automotive puzzle is wrong or deficient then tears of sadness will eventually enter the equation.


Take fuel systems, for example. Back in the old days, a gas tank was a pretty basic deal. A glorified bucket that held gas so the engine could pull it to the carb, at a relatively low pressure, as needed. With the advent of electronic fuel injection (EFI), tanks needed to step up their game to keep up with the new fuel needs of the engine. Higher-volume pumps moved into the tanks, both to cut noise and cool the pump down a bit. But what also entered the equation was baffling. Yep, EFI systems need a constant and steady supply of fuel, even when the tank is running low. This supply needs to stay constant even in hard turns so tanks were fitted with internal baffles and features to make sure the pump’s pickup stayed submerged during hard driving and aggressive braking.

OK, so the plan with any EFI install, and that includes traditional small-blocks with aftermarket EFI kits as well as modern LS mills, should be to add a properly baffled gas tank. For a long time that meant dropping big bucks on a stainless tank or breaking out a lot of tools—welders included—and modding a stock tank. One way was expensive and the other one hard. But, today there’s another option: aftermarket stamped-steel baffled tanks. Yep, all the internal changes to make your EFI engine purr at a price that will keep you financially solvent. And for those who want to keep the OE look on their updated Chevy, these tanks, from the bottom, appear stock.

What our ’67 Chevelle needed was a new EFI system, but as we said, fuel injection requires a constant high-volume supply of fuel along with a baffled fuel tank. We considered the options and chose an affordable solution from Tanks Inc. Their EFI tanks come ready to rock for under $600 with all the parts needed, such as the pump and pickup. Now, we’ll agree that the fancy stainless tank looks cool, but the powdercoated steel tank from Tanks Inc., looks great and all the extra cash in our pocket makes it look even better. And while this install was on a Chevelle, it’s the same dance on a Camaro, Nova, or most any other Chevy.



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