80% discount on saman – long lines at KLCC; police, JPJ online portals hit by congestion due to high traffic – paultan.org

Malaysians, you got to love them. It looks like there are a great many with outstanding traffic summons, given the rush to settle these during the limited-time discount programme offered by the police and the road transport department (JPJ). Both departments had announced an 80% discount to those settling their outstanding summons for compoundable traffic offences from December 9 to 12.

Despite police saying that the public could pay for these compoundable fines at all contingent and district police HQs across the country, and not just at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), people have been flocking to the location to do so. The Star reported earlier that the queue for summons payment this morning had extended past the entrance to the building.

Yesterday, it was reported that the online route fared no better at coping with the surge, proof that there’s nothing better than a big discount to get everyone going. Payment through the police MyBayar Saman portal as well as JPJ’s mySIKAP system were hit by congestion, with both sites experiencing accessibility issues due to high website traffic.

This prompted Bukit Aman traffic investigation and enforcement department (JSPT) director Commissioner Datuk Mat Kasim Karim to advise the public that they should attempt to log in to the portal during non-peak hours, given that the site was operational 24-hours a day.

The police has again reminded the public that they can pay for their outstanding summons at all district police HQs across the country, and that the discount there would be the same. The discount is not applicable for summonses pertaining to non-compoundable offences, including accidents, overtaking on a double line, using the emergency lane, running a red light and overtaking dangerously.

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