2022 Honda Civic Revealed in First Official Image

First we saw it as an attachment filed with the patent office, thanks to the CivicXIForum, which posted the grey image in September. Then Honda revealed a 2022 Civic “Prototype” in November, unveiling the future subcompact on Twitch, because that’s where all the Millenials and Gen Zers nowadays. (In doing so Honda became the first manufacturer to debut a production car on the video streaming website, the same streaming website Autoweek staffers once battled it out against other car mags for sim-racing glory). And now, here it is in official production form direct from Honda: The 2022 Civic sedan. Behold!

OK, the look is not exactly revolutionary, but playing it conservative may be a wise move. Not all the buyers are looking for something to enter in Fast & Furious 22. Besides, there were plenty of detractors for the last Civic Type R with all its wings, flaps, and scoops. Despite a conservative exterior, Honda promises the sedan will be a blast.

“The 2022 Civic Sedan is the most fun to drive and technologically advanced sedan in the model’s nearly 50-year history,” Honda officially promised, without giving further specifics (just take Honda’s word for it).

With the new sedan, Honda has reiterated its promise to “…prioritize Honda’s human-centered design philosophy, which maximizes the total environment for the driver and passenger.” So what else would it prioritize, luggage? No, Honda says, what were minimized were “mechanical components.”

“The goal is to increase the driver’s ability to enjoy the car safely,” said Honda in a statement so broad it almost escapes meaning. “The result is a sporty new look and an all-new simple and sporty interior that advances essential Civic values of uncluttered design, simple ergonomics and exceptional visibility.”

Look for the Civic sedan in dealerships this summer. Honda has already said that the next model in the lineup will be the Civic Hatchback, coming online several months later. Details about the hatchback will follow later this year. More details about the sedan will be out April 28, along with some more photos. Beyond that we don’t have any official word on what comes next for Civic. The 2021 Civic model line, the last of the 10th generation, was available in sedan, coupe, hatchback, and in Si and Type R trim. There was no Civic coupe offered for the 2021 model year, and as of now there is no official word on whether a coupe will come in the new-gen 2022.

For now, feast your subcompact eyeballs on this one photo. See ya in a couple weeks.

What do you think? Honda sells more than a quarter-million Civics here a year. Does this look like something to satisfy all those buyers? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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