2019 Mazda 3 recalled over faulty airbag warning lights

The 2019 Mazda 3 has been recalled over airbag warning lights that may not illuminate correctly. 

The 17,016 cars affected by the recall may not actually display a warning light if something is wrong with the passenger airbag system specifically, or if a passenger does not have their seat belt buckled. Mazda said in documents filed with the NHTSA that were published last week that incorrect programming is to blame for the faults.

The recall is scheduled to begin around July 13.

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If something is wrong with the passenger airbag system, the light may suddenly turn off, even though the system is deactivated. Further, the driver and passenger may not receive warnings if either are not buckled in with the front seat belts. Mazda added the rear seat belts may also be involved in the seat belt warning issue as well.

Cars not included in the recall feature an updated indicator assembly with a newer design that does not house the problem.

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Drivers who suspect their car does have the issue will likely see a warning light in the instrument cluster and receive an audible warning for the malfunction.

Mazda plans to notify owners and instruct them to bring their cars to a dealership. There, a technician will replace the passenger airbag and seat belt status indicator free of charge.

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