2016 Volvo XC90 recalled for leaky coolant hose, fire risk

The 2016 Volvo XC90 crossover SUV has been recalled to fix a faulty coolant hose that could spring a leak and create a fire risk.

Documents filed with the NHTSA last month and published this week show that 34,006 XC90 models are affected. The Swedish automaker said the heat and humidity could cause the engine-side coolant bleeder hose to breakdown over time and cause the hose the leak. The coolant may leak onto the exhaust system catalytic converter, too.

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If the coolant does leak onto the catalytic converter, the liquid could accumulate in the component’s heat shield and insulation. With enough coolant present, a fire could start in the area while the vehicle is stationary. The fire risk poses a risk of injury, which led to the safety recall.

Owners may see two different warning messages displayed in the instrument cluster if their 2019 XC90 exhibits the problem. One will say “low coolant level warning” and the other will display a “high temperature warning” from the coolant temperature sensor. There may also be traces of coolant underneath the crossover.

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Volvo’s fix will see the engine-side bleeder hose replaced with a new hose that features more heat-resistant material. The new part should keep any degradation from occurring. For owners who paid for the repair out of the vehicle’s factory warranty and before the recall, the brand will provide reimbursement.

Owners should find a notice in their mailboxes by June 14 for the recall.

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