19 points about Innova Hycross worth knowing shared by Fortuner owner

For people who are still calling it less equipped than a Mahindra XUV700, I would like to ask them what more they want or miss.

BHPian CEF_Beasts recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Many BHPians have already written quite informative posts about their experience with the new Innova HyCross, just adding what I felt about the car as a package, from the perspective of having a 2014 Fortuner at home, actively looking for an upgrade.

The anticipation of checking the car was very high, being a Toyota and more importantly a completely revamped Innova. Having owned a 2005 Petrol Innova till 2014, I have always had a soft spot for Innovas (yes, you read that right, soft spot for an MPV).

Checked the car out at Lanson Toyota Vellore, TN. Test drives will start next week, will post the driving experience later. Had an excellent experience at Lanson, beyond my expectations. Everyone person I talked to was extremely courteous and takes the dealership level to the next level. The SA even after I said I was a student and wasn’t buying the car from his dealership went out of his way to answer all my questions and eagerly listen to what I had to say as well!

What I Liked

What I Loathed

Pictures of the Interior and Exterior

The VX Trim in Avantgarde Bronze shade:

The 17-inch wheels are dwarfed by the sheer amount of metal, maybe the plastic cladding that the ZX gets would not be a bad idea on the lower variants:

The class-leading boot space with all rows up. Although I would like to meet the specific person at Toyota India who thought it was a good idea to give all black headrests to the front and middle rows and brown for the last row with a black headrest for the 3rd passenger in the last row:

The permutation and combinations with such a massive cabin are endless the flat folding 3rd row definitely helps matters:

The sun blinds for the rear passengers was of good quality:

The AC vent quality is sub-par, like I mentioned older Toyotas had it much better:

Same goes for the window switches, they are clearly inspired by Maruti Suzuki! No backlit switches for a 35 Lakh car, Toyota never used to do this kind of cost-cutting ever! :

This is by far the best 3rd row I have sat in! Minimum knees up and excellent head and knee room even with the middle row seat set quite the way back. (For reference I am ~5’8) :

The yellow bulbs just lower the overall ambience of the cabin, again cost-cutting. The less I talk about that small blue tube light the better:

(ZX trim here) The 360-degree camera in action, its quality leaves a lot to be desired unfortunately and that’s the busiest Climate Control display I have seen on any car till date! :

The waterfall-style centre console containing all the required controls for everything:

The 2nd-row seating has legroom in plenty but that battery placement will surely take time to get used to, especially the way it acts like a footrest:

The ottoman function is more of a showpiece for clicking pictures than actually being usable! There are just too many limitations for using it in the intended way it is supposed, definitely needs more brainstorming:

The Bootspace again and JBL subwoofer on offer:

Whoever chose the aspect ratio of 50 for an MPV supposed to carry 6/7 passengers definitely needs some brains, but good to see rear-disc brakes finally on an Innova:

The 8-way electric driver seat which welcomes you by moving backwards and forwards while getting in and out. Wish the co-driver seat was also electrically adjustable:

The leather-wrapped steering was soft to hold but the buttons on the steering feel hollow and lack the tactile feel:

The roof-mounted controls for the lights and individual buttons for the various sunroof functions:

Scratchy plastics galore, the window switches have definitively been lifted from Maruti Suzuki, but good to see auto-folding mirrors while locking/unlocking the car, something which is/was still absent on the Fortuner and Crysta:

2 Memory settings for the driver seat, do look at that misaligned plastic trim near the window line:

The ZX(O) trim in Blackish Ageha Glass Flake. The HyCross looks like an SUV when viewed head-on:

Once you reach the side profile, it shows its MPV design:

The Base GX variant in Avantgarde Bronze and Silver Metallic:

The Blackish Ageha Glass Flake colour showing its true nature in the sunlight:

With Toyota no longer giving the blue background Logos for Hybrid models, the only way to identify one are the badges on the tailgate and front doors:


Overall I would say with the hybrid powertrain this HyCross will redefine what an Innova is/was!

Had gone through some apprehensions about the new HyCross regarding the plastic quality and build quality in general. Build quality was beyond my expectations, and plastic quality definitely could be improved. But it’s not a deal breaker at all!

And earlier with the Crysta, Toyota India had no reason for not offering an 8 seater with the ZX variant, well with the HyCross they have got a reason to deny the 8 seater. And it’s the placement of the panoramic sunroof and the seatbelt housing for the middle passenger on the roof in the 2nd row. Can have only one, sunroof or middle passenger seatbelt hence the ZX HyCross will not be getting the bench seat in the distant future as well.

Would I replace my Fortuner with it? The head says the HyCross but the heart is stuck on the Fortuner 4X4. Will be a tough decision to make for sure, something that can be only said after I drive the Hybrid powertrain next week.

And I would like to end my small experience with this, I told the SA that the Crysta has better seats in terms of having just the right amount of comfort and cushioning, his simple answer with a smile was “Sir, the Crysta is a Crysta !” This is definitely Toyota India’s Qualis 2.0 move with the HyCross and Crysta where the customers, SAs and dealerships all want the Crysta and only the Crysta!

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