1440 km road trip in my Hyundai Kona EV: Total DC charging cost Rs 2407

I found the entire 3-day trip to be quite effortless thanks to the 50kW Zeon charging stations available throughout.

BHPian Rossiter recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Recently did a 1440 km road trip over 3 days in the Kona.


  • Day 1 : Bangalore-Alathur(Kerala) – 485km
  • Day 2: Alathur-Kochi-Alathur – 220km
  • Day 3: Alathur-Pollachi-Dharapuram-Dindigul-Madurai-Bangalore – 720km

It was effortless thanks to the well-populated 50kW charging from Zeon available throughout.

Brief description of the trip

Day 1

Started from Bangalore at 2 pm with 80% SoC and reached Zeon Sankagiri near Salem at 6 pm, covering 250km with 11% left. AC on throughout at 20 deg and cruise control fixed at 95kmph. Charged up to 80% and stopped at Tiruppur by 8 pm for some time. Left Tiruppur by 10.30 and reached my home at 1 am in Alathur with 7% left. Plugged the car into my slow charger to charge overnight.

Day 2

Charged upto 80% overnight with my slow charger and did a quick trip to Kochi and back. Plugged in overnight for the next day’s trip back to Bangalore via Madurai.

Day 3

Left my place at 8 am, reached Dindigul by 12.30 after a 30 min stop at Pollachi for lunch. Left Dindigul by 1 pm, and reached Madurai by 1.45.

Started our return journey to Bangalore by 4.30 pm. Stopped at Zeon Temple City outside Madurai, around 5 pm with 15% SoC left. 300km done by this point.

Charged up to 80%, and left by around 5.20 pm for our next charge/break stop near Salem at A2B Rasipuram, around 200km away.

Reached by 8 pm with 7% SoC left. We decided to have our dinner here, and since there was a heavy rush, it took a while to get a table. 490km covered at this point.

90% charge done by 9 pm, and we left for Krishnagiri, with a plan to do a quick top of around 30% quick there before the uphill climb into Bangalore.

Reached Krishnagiri ~11.15 pm. Since I wasn’t driving very hard, had 40% SoC left & 70km to go, decided to carry on to Bangalore without charging up.

Reached Bangalore by 1 am with 4% SoC to spare.

Total stats for the day

720km done in one day, with a drive time of 12 hours, including charging stops!

Average speed of 60km/h, and it felt like I could do another 200-300km easily. Overall trip was around 1440km.

Charging cost

  • Zeon Sankagiri (Vaigundam): Rs. 756
  • Zeon Madurai (Temple City): Rs. 809
  • Zeon Rasipuram (Salem): Rs. 842
  • Total DC charging cost for 1440 km: Rs. 2407

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