Forgotten Connaught Type-D Had A Supercharged 2.0-liter V10 Engine

The most exciting V10 sports car the never made it to production.

With the continued downsizing of engines, there’s a very small number of cars powered by V10 engines. As manufacturers continue to pursue engines with fewer cylinders and less displacement it seems time is almost up for the legendary V10. Luckily there is one tenacious outfit located in Wales that wants to bring a new V10 sports car to market.

The Connaught Type-D GT was a passion project of a former Jaguar engineer who started his own car business. The goal, develop a V10 powered hybrid sports car of the future. Unfortunately, the lofty engineering goals of the Connaught team meant their creation never reached full production, and the company folded in 2004 due to financial pressures. This futuristic drivetrain that combined a lightweight sports car with hybrid tech was the peak of innovation especially when the only contemporary hybrid was the Toyota Prius.

The Connaught Type-D GT was powered by a bespoke 2.0-liter supercharged V10 engine that produced a respectable 300 horsepower (223 kW) and 274 lb-ft (371 nm) of torque. This engine was mated to a 5-speed manual transmission and was set very far back in the car to create a front mid-engine layout. The tiny V10 was meant to be augmented by a hybrid system that would support a torque fill and allow the Connaught Type-D GT to achieve impressive fuel economy.

The Connaught Type-D GT was recently given a second chance as the name and its assets were acquired by Bevan Davidson International, a Wales-based engineering firm. This unique organization specializes in the creation of experimental vehicles, which makes them uniquely qualified for the monumental task of reviving this forgotten car. With the original designer on board, the Connaught Type-D GT has the opportunity to finally make it to production and we can’t wait.



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