Watch Tesla Vehicle Production And Deliveries Visualized In 3D

Tesla is not only an EV pioneer but the world’s largest battery-electric car manufacturer, which accustomed us to amazing and quite consistent growth.

Here is a presentation of Tesla vehicle production and deliveries for each year since 2014, in a 3D real scale on a background of a large city.

Tesla was started in 2003, while the first Tesla Roadster cars were delivered in 2008.

That gives us glimpses of how significantly the company expanded, from just a few thousand units in 2012 to over 936,000 in 2021.

In the first half of 2022, Tesla delivered more than half a million electric cars, which indicates that 2022 will bring a new, significant record – well over 1 million BEVs.

Here is another view, quarter by quarter. According to preliminary reports, there is a very big chance that in Q3 Tesla will achieve a new all-time quarterly record of BEV production and deliveries. A clear indication of that is that the plants in California and in China are at full swing.

In a separate video, RED SIDE presents also how many people worked at Tesla, starting from 2010 (899). In 2012 (launch of the Tesla Model S), the number increased to nearly 3,000.

A level of 10,000 employees was achieved in 2014, while in 2021, the number almost reached 100,000. According to the video, as of the end of Q2 2022, the number is estimated at 110,000.

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