Watch Tesla Model S Plaid Vs Cadillac CT4 At The Strip

It seems this is an uneven matchup, but perhaps it’s the best way to show how incredibly quickly Tesla’s Plaid accelerates.

We’ve seen the Tesla Model S Plaid blow past supercars and modified gas-powered beasts. It also accelerates much quicker than any other electric car on the market today. What’s more, the Plaid even jumps off the line ahead of a Formula One race car, so how about a quick Caddy sedan? 

Let’s be honest, this certainly seems like a ridiculously unfair competition, though it’s clearly a solid way to prove the Model S Plaid’s crazy acceleration. One could argue that almost any matchup against the Plaid is unfair. There are few quick cars that even stand a chance against the newly refreshed Model S.

While the Cadillac CT4 sedan isn’t the strongest rival, it’s arguably as quick of a car as anybody ever really needs for public road use. The CT4 features a turbo-four that cranks out as much as 325 horsepower, though the base model only makes 237 horsepower.

With that said, this is the type of video we share for you to not only watch and revel in the Plaid’s dominance but also, and arguably more importantly, share it with your gas-car-loving friends and family.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk knows nobody needs a car that rockets to 60 mph in around 2 seconds and completes a quarter-mile pass in just over 9 seconds. However, he said Tesla produced the Plaid to prove that electric cars are just clearly better than gas cars. For this reason, people need to see this, and not the people who already believe in EVs, but rather, the naysayers.

As always, check out the brief clip and then leave us a comment. However, once again, we encourage you to share this with people who don’t realize that EVs are the way of the future.

Source:Victor Baranovici (YouTube)

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