Watch Tesla Dashcam Capture Bad Driving That Results In Crash

We’ll put blame on both drivers in this crash.

The Tesla driver was not involved in the wreck, but its dashcam captured it all.

As you’ll see in the video, one driver enters the turn lane a bit too early, it appears. Meanwhile, the other driver merges into traffic without checking for an all clear. This all-too-common occurrence ends badly this time around.

That’s why we say both drivers are a bit at fault here, though we don’t know what determination was made by the police who surely arrived on the scene a bit later.

Watch this video, captured by Teslacam, which shows how two in-the-wrong drivers end up crashing. Two wrongs don’t ever make a right. Though the wreck seems quite minor, the damage to the BMW actually appears quite severe.

Video description via Venumadhav Kanaparthy on YouTube:

This accident happened just before me in San Antonio TX. I talked to both drivers and offered the video recorded in TeslaCam. I’ll check with them after a few days if the BMW survived or totaled.

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