Watch Cut-Off Car Careen Out Of Control And Jump Curb: Video

It’s crazy to see what the actions of one poor driver can cause.

The built-in dashcam (called TeslaCam) on this Tesla Model 3 caught all the wild action.

It doesn’t take much to alter the course of another moving car and, in this instance, the slight sideways flick of the wheel almost led to a catastrophic crash.

As you’ll see in the video above, a merging car oversteps the lane line and that causes the driver in the other car to react (overreact actually). The driver of that car then attempts to correct the vehicle, but once again the steering wheel input seems a bit heavy and that’s when the sideways action begins.

Almost immediately, the car turns completely sideways and then heads straight for a large moving truck. It appears as though the car and truck narrowly avoid a collision, but the sideways car continues on, jumping the curb and going up onto the grass and sidewalk.

It doesn’t appear as though anyone was injured. However, this video shows us how the actions of one driver (the over-eager merger) can cause quite a domino effect. Look twice before merging.

Video description via Sindey Fu on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 captured this accident at Kent Ave. and Rte 40 in Baltimore.

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