U.S-Made Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Shipments To China To End Soon

If Chineses consumers prefer US-made Teslas, we might see another surge in orders. After October 13, production moves to China.

Tesla is going to stop accepting orders for the US-made Standard Range version of Model 3 in China within two weeks, according to the latest reports.

The company advices would-be buyers to place an order by October 13, as it will be the last batch shipped from the U.S.

All Standard Range Model 3 ordered afterward will be produced locally at the Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, which clearly indicates that the preparation is well advanced.

“All Tesla Model 3 Standard Range will not accept order after Oct 13th, this will be the last shipment of the Made in US Model 3, plz have ur test drive be4 Oct 7th and lock-in ur orders”

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