Tesla Opens Its 500th Supercharging Station In Mainland China

Only the U.S. has more, some 940. In third is Canada with over 100.

Tesla announced that its Supercharging network in mainland China has expanded to 500 stations! Let’s recall that the total number of Supercharging stations exceeds 2,200 (globally).

The first station was installed in April 2014 and it took more than two years to reach the milestone of 100 stations.

Then, Tesla added an additional 200 stations in roughly 3.5 years. For the next 200 stations (from 300 to 500) the company needed less than a year!

With such fast progress, it’s not a surprise that Tesla intends to produce the Superchargers locally in China. It also suggests that the company will expand the network an even faster rate than today.

The top of the line V3 Superchargers can provide up to 250 kW of power.

Here is the full infographic from Tesla:

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