Tesla Model Y Vs Tesla Model X: Which Should You Buy, And Why?

This family has spent time in both Tesla crossovers. Now, we have their final opinions.

It’s hard to know if many people are trying to decide between the Tesla Model X and Model Y. Perhaps it’s more realistic to think that a decision between the Model 3 and Model Y is more common.

We do hear about many prospective Tesla buyers cross-shopping the flagship Model S against the Model 3, but that’s likely because a base Model S ($69,420) and a Model 3 Performance ($54,990) are much closer in price than the Model X and Model Y.

The Model Y may have just become much more appealing to many people since you can now get one for as little as $41,990. In addition, Tesla has made it official that the 7-seat Model Y is now available. At $42k, the Model Y is now $38,000 cheaper than the Model X, which is nearly half the price.

With the optional third-row seats, the 7-seat Model Y starts at around $45,000. For comparison, while the 7-seat Model X starts at $83,490, the 6-seat version will set you back $86,490. Again, no matter how you look at it, Tesla’s flagship Model X costs nearly twice as much as the Model Y.

Our friend Katie from the YouTube channel All Electric Family has been putting together a sort of mini-series about the Model X and Model Y. She owns the X, but recently had a Model Y loaner to check out. We published articles about both of her recent videos, one highlighting the Model Y’s pros, and the other doing the same for the Model X.

Now that Katie has experience both Tesla electric crossovers, she wrapped up the series with her final take on how the two Teslas compare, as well as her decision about which she would buy. Check out the brief video to learn more. Then, drop us a line in the comment section below.

Source:All Electric Family (YouTube)

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