Tesla Model S P100D Vs Tesla Model 3 Long Range: Drive Modes Compared

How do Tesla’s sedan siblings compare in all drive modes?

It’s no surprise that the Tesla Model S is faster than the Tesla Model 3. However, many people have been quite surprised at the level of performance the less expensive Tesla has been able to pull off. Early on, many argued that the Model 3 would never live up to the reputation the Model S has achieved. Reality has proven that wrong on many levels.

For reference, the quickest Tesla Model S Performance (formerly P100D) is only about 8/10ths of a second quicker from zero to 60 mph than the Model 3 Performance. These sedans — in their least expensive, Standard Range configurations — are about 1.5 seconds apart for the metric, with the Model S in the lead.

In this recent video, we see a Tesla Model S P100D and a Tesla Model 3 Long Range. Regardless of what each car’s official zero-to-60-mph time comes in at, we get a look at how they perform in different drive modes, like “chill,” “sport,” “Ludicrous,” and “Ludicrous+.” How much difference do these modes make? Also, are the car’s modes calibrated differently?

Check out the short video to find out. We think you may be surprised by the results.

Video Description via Life with Tesla on YouTube:

Tesla Model S P100D vs Tesla Model 3 Long Range

Drag Racing two Teslas against each other across all available driving modes. Model 3 has surprised us with its quicker acceleration in “Chill” & “Sport” modes.

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